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The verses that have REALLY spoken to me (Sarah) lately....

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock." Matthew 7:24-25

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. I Peter 5:8-9

From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring.' Acts 17:26-28

May the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left. Walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess. Deuteronomy 5:32-33

God, our God, will take care of the hidden things but the revealed things are our business. It's up to us and our children to attend to all the terms in this Revelation. Deuteronomy 29:29 (The Message)

About the Friesen's....

We are Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate Friesen. We were married June 5, 2004. We have one son, born July 21, 2008, named Luke Andrew -- now 4 years old. We also have a daughter named Kate Christine -- born June 6, 2012. Marc is working at Cessna as a Senior Accountant, and Sarah stays home full-time with Luke. Sarah also gets to work very part-time at home for Graber Backhoe -- an excavation company AND VERY part-time at our church. We LOVE being a part of Grace Community Church here in Newton, KS. We lead a Community Life Group of other wonderful couples. Marc thoroughly enjoys long-distance running and Taekwondo. Sarah thoroughly enjoys walking -- especially when the weather is nice to take Luke and/or out in the stroller. Thanks for reading our blog!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 Friesen Christmas Tree....

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we went and picked out and purchased the 2009 Friesen Christmas Tree.

We do purchase a real Christmas tree each year. We both grew up always having real Christmas trees. While I'm not totally opposed to fake trees, Marc insists on having a real tree. I'll admit, however, that the real pine smell in our house in nice :)

For our first Christmas together after being married, we literally opened up the phone book and randomly picked out a Christmas tree farm. We ended up at Nativity Pines.

We've been back every year since then. We've always been able to get a really nice tree. The teenage boys that help with the process are wonderful, hard-working, and friendly. The owner is wonderful to talk with. They take you out to the tree "farm" on a hayrack. You pick out your tree. You saw it down yourself (with one of the teenage boys assisting, if needed). They haul you and the tree back on the hayrack. Simple....And, the one of the biggest things for us is that it's not too "fake." In other words, there's not a lot of secularized Christmas stuff to deal with.

We've just really enjoyed the place each year. Can you tell that we can't say enough good things about it?

Here are some photos from this year's "outing."

Since Luke is still not walking more than two steps, we carried him around most of the tree area. He does enjoy riding on Marc's shoulders.

We looked around a bit....found one that was a definite "No." (This photo is just for fun, by the way).

This year, we actually found the "right" tree for our home fairly quickly. So, here's a photo of Marc sawing it down (Marc's on the ground). The wonderful guy helped us out a bit -- by catching it when it was sawed off.

This photo is definitely more for us because it was very cute in person. But, here's a photo of Luke watching Marc saw the tree down. He was pointing at Marc and talking, though we're not really sure what he was saying at the time.

Here's a photo of us with our newly sawed tree -- the 2009 Friesen Christmas Tree.

On the hayrack ride out to the trees, Luke sat on Marc's lap. On the way back, however, Luke didn't want to sit on a lap. So, we carefully let him sit between my legs -- making sure he suddenly didn't try to dart to the ground while things were moving.

After you get back, the guys unload your tree and shake off the dead pine needles. Then, if requested, they'll trim the bottom for you...which we needed a bit to better set up in our home.

Then, you go inside and pay for your tree (while they're finishing up with the tree). Afterwards, you go back outside. The guys will match your receipt up with the correct tree.

Then, they'll load it on your car, truck, etc....

Nativity Pines is about 30 minutes from our home. Fortunately, Luke is starting to do better in the car...It used to only be that he was good for about 10 minutes in the car. Now, we can go a bit further before he wants loose of the restraints of the carseat (which absolutely NEVER happens when the car is moving). Here's a happy photo of Luke in the vehicle on the way home.

Marc and I actually decided to decorate the tree after Luke went to bed. He is really not able to help with that yet...Next year, we know that'll be different.

So, here's our finished product....

Marc made an interesting comment after our tree was decorated....I've been thinking about it very since. He said, "Each year, our tree has had some imperfection about it. But, that's what makes it so neat. It's not perfect -- just like we're not perfect." (This year, our tree has a couple of "bare" spots, and it leans slightly).

It's soooo true -- that statement. Because of sin that dates way back to Adam and Eve, this world is sooooo very much imperfect. Absolutely nobody on earth currently is perfect. Only one perfect person has ever walked this earth -- Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


Changing subjects slightly but still on the subject of Nativity Pines --

Last year, Luke was a mere four months old when we went and purchased our Christmas tree. The owner saw us with our baby. He started talking with Marc about the importance of being a Godly father. He recommended a book to Marc....The Heart of a Tender Warrior by Stu Weber. (Click HERE)

I ended up purchasing that book for Marc or Christmas last year. Marc really enjoyed that book, and it spoke to him a lot. He's held onto the book because someday, Lord willing, he'll be able to pass it down to Luke if he becomes a father.

So, this year, Marc sought out this owner. When he found him, he reminded him of who he was and told him that he really enjoyed his book recommendation from last year. Marc then asked him if he had any more book recommendations. Yep, he sure did...

So, here are the recommendations.

Raising Kids for True Greatness: Success for You and Your Child by Dr. Tim Kimmel (Click HERE)

The Centurion Principles: Battlefield Lessons for Frontline Leaders by Colonel Jeff O'Leary (Click HERE)

Taking the High Ground: Military Moments with God by Colonel Jeff O'Leary (Click HERE)

Launching a Leadership Revolution: Mastering the Five Levels of Influence by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward (Click HERE)

If anybody needs any good gift ideas -- perhaps any of those books might help????

Now, do you see why we really enjoy such a simple place to get a Christmas tree? Each year, we leave there with not only a tree, but also some sort of life lesson.

And, one last thing (I promise)....Here's a photo of our family from last year at this same tree farm. Luke was a M.A.J.O.R. spitter-upper until about 5 months. So, I chuckle when I looks at this photo with the burp rag on my shoulder. It's amazing how now that the spitting up is over, it doesn't even matter anymore. But, at the time, Luke's massive spitting-up was rather troublesome sometimes.

Thanks for reading my once again long post!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Thanksgiving....

Well, we had quite a day....I'll recap (but you know me, it probably won't be a short post).

Since we've been married, we've actually hosted Thanksgiving each year. Both sides of our families are here -- remember, our families aren't real large. It's nice -- only one big Thanksgiving feast! And, we get to spend time with both sides.

For the past two years now, we've also hosted a couple of international college students. Last year, we had one student from India. This year, we had Vinay and Nagesh -- also both from India. They are both engineering students at Wichita State University.

Marc actually fries our turkey each year.

So, here's a photo of Marc and our two international student guests, preparing the fryer for the turkey.

And, after the oil heats up, the turkey goes in the oil and takes a little over an hour to cook. It's soooo yummy this way! Plus, it doesn't tie up my oven.

Several years back, it became a tradition, mainly with the guys in our family, to "pre-eat" before the actual Thanksgiving meal. My brother, Joel, and Marc actually call it "pre-stretching" (that is -- pre-stretching of the stomach). Marc's mom graciously makes the ol' hamburger dip (you know, with hamburger and Velveeta cheese) for the guys. This year, my mom also made a spinach/artichoke dip for the guys -- though, I'm not totally sure it was up my brother's and Marc's alley. However, our international guests did not eat beef; therefore, my mom's dip was actually a good thing. So, here's the "dip" selection in the garage -- they eat while they fry the turkey and play basketball.

And, here's quite a lovely photo of my brother -- right after his mouth was full of chips and dip.

I just had mentioned basketball. Here's a photo of Marc, Joel, Vinay, and Nagesh playing basketball while the turkey was frying. Yes, my sister-in-law, Amber, and I were both a bit nervous about the basketball flying into the turkey oil....But, it all ended up fine. I just don't want our home to become a statistic of those who have fires as a result of frying turkeys on Thanksgiving.

And, just because I must post a good photo of Luke -- here's one of him rolling a basketball on the driveway -- completely away from the turkey fryer.

When Luke was not outside (which was the majority of the time), he spent some time being entertained by his Grandma Koehn (my mom). If you look closely at this photo, you'll notice he has my mom's watch around his wrist. That entertained him quite a bit.

After awhile, all of the food was ready....It took up our entire kitchen table as well as some additional cabinet space. Wow! We have absolutely NOTHING to complain about and everything to be thankful for. For the past two years, when we've had international students at our home, I have always wondered (and not really wanted to ask) exactly what these students think about the mass quantity of food we have here.

Our two nieces, Grace and Natalie, wanted to eat by themselves at the little table. It actually was quite cute. It's fun to think that Luke will be able to eat at that table with them next year. You can tell in this photo (with all of the toys a mess in the background) that there were indeed three small children playing before the food was ready :)

After eating, but before dessert, the guys all headed outside to play Cornhole. It's a fun game we learned about several years ago. Our friend, Joel S., custom made our game for us -- which is why we have a Texas Longhorn game (that was at Marc's request -- not Joel's).

After playing Cornhole and eating dessert, the guys headed outside to shoot BB guns, of course. They think our international guests seemed to actually enjoy that.

Inside, we cleaned up and played with kids.

Remember how I mentioned several posts back that Luke really enjoys singing. Well, he definitely knows how to get his Grandma Koehn to sing with him. He succeeded in that today.

And, here's a photo of my mom with her three grandkids.

And, one last thing -- and this is more for my brother than anyone.

Joel, my brother, always seems to think that Luke will not come to him -- especially if I'm in the room. But, looking back through some photos, it's amazing how many photos I've found of Luke and Joel together.

Anyways, Luke did spend some time on Joel's lap today. It was cute :) Here's a photo to prove it.

It was a fun day, but all three of us in this household are tired. Tomorrow, we're planning on going to get a Christmas tree....Stay tuned for that adventure.

I want to close with a listing of things I'm thankful for....I wrote these 12 things in my journal last night. I know the listing of "thanks" could go on and on, but here's a start --

1) Jesus Christ -- For dying on the cross for my mess-ups; for my relationship with Him.

2) For our country -- the freedoms we have; the veterans and current soldiers who protect us

3) For my wonderful husband, Marc -- who strives to love me just as Christ loves the church

4) For our first baby -- who is in heaven (the one I miscarried)

5) For Luke, our most wonderful son -- a gift from God

6) Our warm, absolutely more than enough, home

7) Our families

8) Our friends

9) Marc's job

10)Food on the table -- we obviously have more than enough


12)Our Health -- and I pray that we don't take that for granted

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Trot....

Each year, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Wichita has its annual Turkey Trot run. There is a 10-mile race, and there is a 2-mile race.

Back up to November, 2002 -- the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

I ran in the 10-mile race for the second time (this was back when I was in better shape and weighed about 20-25 pounds less). Marc also ran this 10-mile race. We didn't know each other yet.

Several months later (February 22, 2003 -- to be exact), I met Marc on a blind date....

On that blind date, Marc and I most definitely talked a lot about running....he was running then and obviously is still running....I obviously was running at that time as well.

We figured out that we were both at the Turkey Trot race just a few months before. Because of the way the 10-mile race is set up, we most likely would've seen each other.

I frequently like to remind Marc that if he would've asked me out that day of the race in 2002, we could've had a head start on our wonderful relationship :)

But, I digress....

Anyways, the Turkey Trot race is one of our favorite fall races. It's kind of a tradition in this household. Last year, however, we weren't able to go. Marc was recoving from foot surgery. Luke was pretty little.

So, this year, it was actually Luke's first Turkey Trot race.

Marc once again ran the 10-mile race, and I walked the 2-mile race with Luke in the stroller.

Here goes our Saturday morning -- this past Saturday.

After arriving, Luke had to explore the parking lot, of course.

After the "exploration time," we ventured around the area for a bit -- this has gotten to be quite a large race for Wichita. This year, there were around 1,500 participants.

The Turkey Trot is a big "sponsor" of the Kansas Food Bank. Each participant is encouraged to bring a jar of peanut butter to donate. So first, we dropped off our donated peanut butter.

I truly believe that one reason Marc enjoys this race sooooo much is because after the race, there are complimentary turkey bratwursts. Yes, they're quite tasty. So, before the race, the turkey bratwursts were already cooking.

After seeing all of the "festivities," Marc and I took a warm-up walk. This is how Luke presented himself in the stroller at this point in time. For those of you who know Luke well, it shouldn't surprise you that he had his blanket with his thumb in his mouth.

As you can see, quite a few runners/walkers warm-up on the bike path in Wichita before the race (for you locals -- this race starts and ends at the Cowtown Museum).

The 10-mile and the 2-mile races actually start at the same time, but they start in different locations (in the same area). So, Marc went to the 10-mile start, and Luke and I ventured to the 2-mile start.

The 2-mile race is the larger -- as far as participants. Here's a photo of everybody lining up. There aren't too many strollers in this race, and so, to avoid getting in the way of everybody, we hung out toward the back for the start of the race.

I'm a fairly fast walker (at least in my opinion), so once the race started, I had to maneuver the stroller through some slower walkers to get ahead. I must say that I did that gracefully, and I did NOT run over anybody with the big jogging stroller wheels.

So, here are a couple of shots from during the race.

Luke's usually a real "trooper" for me in the jogging stroller. However, during the first mile of this race, he really was not a trooper. He whined a bit; required some crackers (which thankfully I had along); and absolutely did not want to have a hood on his head.

During the second mile, however, he settled down. Then, he was his normal self -- for the jogging stroller, anyways. By then, here's what I looked down at....

I can honestly say that one of my top 10 things that I like to do in life right now is walk with Luke in this stroller :) It's sooooo nice to be outside with him.

We did finally approach the finish line.

Two wonderful things happened just at the finish line....

1) Quite a few spectators were clapping and cheering for the runners/walkers. Luke noticed everybody clapping, and so, he decided to clap as well. So, as we were crossing the finish line, he was clapping for himself. It was VERY cute. Some woman (spectator) said loudly, "Oh, look at that little boy. He's clapping for himself."

2) Also, as we were crossing the finish line, a man (whom I didn't know) yelled out at me, "Good Job, Mom." That one little sentence of encouragement meant so much to me because it shouted out exactly part of my identity -- a MOM!!!!! I just felt (and still do feel) so honored that God has made me Luke's mom!

After finishing, we talked with some people we know. Then, we headed back to the finish line to watch the 10-mile runners come in.

After not too much of a wait, I noticed Marc running in. Unfortunately, this is the best I was able to with a photo....I know it's small and hard to see, but Marc is actually the third runner in this photo. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

It was rather difficult keeping a 16-month old off of the running course AND try to snap a decent photo at the same time.

Oh well -- someday, Luke will be older and will understand why he has to stay off of the course.

After finishing our wonderful turkey bratwursts, the wind actually picked up a bit which was rather chilly on our sweaty bodies. Luke was also starting to get a bit "out of control." So, we decided we should probably head home.

The excitement of the morning was too much for Luke. He did stay awake for most of the trip home, but during the last 10 minutes or so, he fell asleep.

Many times, short little catnaps like this one ruin Luke's afternoon nap. Fortunately, this one did not. He did also nap after we got home and had lunch.

**As a final side note to this already long post -- Luke actually has had a cold now for several days. This colder weather during this race probably, in all seriousness, didn't really help him out. He coughed quite a bit the rest of the day and into the night. Needless to say, we weren't able to make it to church the next day because of Luke's cough.

He is on the upswing with this cold....I tell you what -- illness has been a part of this family now for the last several weeks. Hopefully, we're about done with it!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sixteen Months....

Today, Luke is sixteen months old....Wow! Time sure flies.

One HUGE change about this month's "photo in the chair" is that Luke was very unwilling to sit still...That's actually the biggest change I personally notice in him from the last month.

Other than when he's tired or if he doesn't feel well (which did happen this last month), he pretty much wants to be on the move.

With that in mind, here are the two best photos we were able to get of him this evening -- and these were taken with two things in Luke's lap to distract him a bit.

Luke is not quite yet walking fully on his own. HOWEVER, we think he has made major strides in the area of walking in the last month. He's a lot more sturdy while standing on his own. And, he seems to be proud of himself for trying.

Two weeks ago, he did take a couple of steps for some friends of our's. We weren't at home to witness it. We were out for "date night." Our friends were baby-sitting. I didn't even really mind that I didn't see it. I just want him to W.A.L.K. A.L.R.E.A.D.Y.

Since then, he's taken a few steps here and there on his own.

This evening, he actually was on his way to taking about 5 steps -- with us loudly cheering him on. BUT, unfortunately, the pants he had on today were a bit long and the cuffs had come undone. So, he tripped on his own pants :)

I know, I know -- he'll get there. But, for all of you parents who DID NOT wait on their toddlers to walk this late, believe me, it's frustrating -- especially when we know he could do it.

My prayer for Luke's walking right now has changed -- it used to be praying for walking. Now, I'm praying for Luke's confidence to walk.

Other things about Luke right now -- just in case you're interested.

1) He really likes to be sung to right now. In fact, we sing quite a bit throughout the day. He signs "more" for me (or Marc) to keep singing.

2) His manipulative side came out this month. He took to throwing his blanket out of his crib. Then, he's cry for me to come and get it. But, he'd just keep throwing it out. I finally let him cry for awhile....He stopped doing it for me. Then, this past Tuesday night, my parents were here. I hadn't told them about the blanket throwing. Apparently, he did it to them to get them to come into his room. Silly guy....

3) He's never been much for eating sweets -- that is, until this past month. He now likes to eat sweets, and we have to watch his intake to avoid him NOT eating anything else.

4) He has started to throw some mini-fits. Perhaps they're precursors to the 2-year old fits. Who knows? It gets interesting sometimes around here.

5) As I mentioned previously, he's always on the move -- even if it's not by walking. He'll crawl anywhere and obviously doesn't mind getting dirty (he's a boy, afterall). Case in point -- this evening, we were all three in Wal-Mart. He was a bit grouchy in the cart. He reached him arms up to me for him to pick him up. Just to get him to quit crying and fussing, I picked him up. As soon as I picked him up, he immediately wanted down to crawl. Uhhh...I don't think so. So, Luke went right back in the cart and cried for a bit. At least we've ALL heard crying kids in Wal-Mart before -- no big deal, right????

That's the "scoop" on Luke right now. We LOVE him a lot, but he does challenge us. But, parenthood isn't supposed to be easy. Don't we live in a sin-filled world? I have to remind myself that sometimes when I think it gets tough.

And, just for fun -- here's a photo of Luke from one year ago today. It was at this point last year when Luke became the chunky baby. Everybody was always asking us how much he ate....Hey -- we just fed him on demand!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Couch....

Meet our couch....

In the last two weeks, Marc and I, separately, have become "one" with this couch. You see, sickness has been running its course through the Friesen Household.

Several weeks ago, Luke was sick....He's all better now. Yeah!

Last week, Marc came home sick one day from work -- fever, chills, aches, etc....He then stayed home another day. He went back to work on the third day, but he said he was still "knocked down" by the sickness.

In taking a glance at the CDC website as well as talking with a friend who is a very experienced nurse, we're fairly certain he had H1N1.

Then, this past Sunday evening, I noticed a little tickle in my throat during our Community Life Group.

Voila!!!! Monday morning, I woke up with a nice cold.

In my opinion, it's actually gotten progressively worse throughout this week. I've been EXTREMELY congested, have a little bit of a sore throat and cough, and generally am tired and don't feel well. But, NO FEVER!!!! So, I truly think it's just a cold.

So, back to the couch....

Marc was coughing so much and tossing and turning, he graciously slept on the couch for several nights so that I could sleep well in bed.

Then, this week, I've been tossing and turning and sniffling, etc., so I've been sleeping on the couch. Perhaps, one of these days, we can once again both sleep in our bed together.

Before I met Marc, in my single days, I actually bought this couch. It was wonderful to have a brand new couch....

Then, when Marc and I got married, we moved into our home we purchased.

It's starting to wear a bit, but there's no way we're replacing it yet....Luke and hopefully someday, Luke's sibling(s) need to get a little bit bigger. This couch, I know, is not through "wearing" in the Friesen Household.

This afternoon, though I didn't feel well, I had a hard time taking a nap while Luke was sleeping -- I only was able to sleep 40 minutes.

So, I got up and threw together some homemade Chicken and Noodle Soup (except the noodles weren't homemade). YUMMMMM.....

Even with carrots....

It tasted soooo good on my raw throat this evening.

Since I didn't feel like doing much else, I also threw together some No Bake Cookies. Marc needs them tomorrow at work for "food day" (I guess that's what you call it). They too are YUMMY. Luke took part of those as well.

What has Luke been doing this week -- while his Mommy hasn't felt much like playing?

Well, he finds ways to entertain himself -- such as cleaning out the pantry when I accidentally leave the door open and don't watch every move he makes.

Or, he does things to make me as well as himself laugh...

This cold will go away -- just not soon enough for me.

However, this week, I have been thinking that my cold is absolutely NOTHING compared to what our friend Lisa is going through....

Lisa and her husband Mark are in our Community Life Group. Last year, Lisa was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After going through months of chemo, Lisa and Mark found out early in the summer that the Hodgkin's had returned. Her oncologist then recommended a Stem Cell Transplant. Knowing that a Stem Cell Transplant is a MAJOR procedure, Lisa and Mark pursued a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

The oncologist they met with there also recommended the transplant.

So, right now, Lisa and Mark are at KU Medical Center in Kansas City, and Lisa is undergoing the transplant.

She and Mark will be up there for probably at least six weeks.

So, I will not complain about my cold. I will get over it. I just might possibly have to remain on the couch for a bit longer at night.

Lisa -- if you're reading this -- know that we're praying for you daily. We missed you and Mark at Community Life Group the other night.

We'll hopefully be up to see you late next week -- assuming we're healthy :)

If you'd like to read Lisa's story as well as how her treatment is going, CLICK HERE!

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kanopolis State Park -- Days Two and Three....

After our first night of Luke sleeping VERY WELL at Kanopolis State Park, we had a nice big breakfast -- at the request of Marc.

For those of you who know Marc well, it will not surprise you that he wanted bacon. Since we were on "vacation," I graciously made bacon, eggs, and toast -- both mornings even.

When first planning this trip, we had originally planned on doing some hiking as there are quite a few really scenic trails in this park. The plan was to somehow obtain a hiking backpack to carry Luke.

We didn't want to buy one because we don't hike that much. We couldn't justify the expense.

We tried E-Bay and Craig's List. We came very close on E-Bay to getting one until somebody out-bidded us the last two minutes of bidding.

We knew somebody who had one, but they were needing it as they have a little girl about a month younger than Luke. They're HEAVY users of the backpack.

I called around to a couple of "outdoors" type places in Wichita to see if we could rent one....Nope -- you can't rent one in Wichita anymore (that's what some helpful person told me).

So, we resorted to hauling along the jogging stroller -- one more big thing to pack in the Trail Blazer.

While we didn't take the jogging stroller on any rugged trails, we did do quite a bit of walking around the park. It was chilly outside, but don't worry -- we kept Luke plenty warm.

Because it was obviously "off-season," there was really nothing going on in the park -- a little bit depressing in a way but also at the same time, very quiet and peaceful. See -- nobody camping....

Kanopolis Lake is a small lake by you "lake people" standards. Plus, Kansas does have lakes, but they're nothing compared to other states.

Just for fun....here's a photo of the small marina at the park -- obviously, closed for the season.

After a really nice walk, we were getting chilly. So, we headed back inside.

Luke found things to play with -- in this photo, he's playing with my shoes.

After a good lunch and naps (which Luke didn't take a great one)....we hopped into the Trail Blazer and went about 15 minutes away to another very SMALL state park -- Mushroom Rock State Park.

This park originally had a trail go through it many years ago (horses and wagons). It was donated to the state of Kansas by Ellsworth County. It does have some cool rock formations as well as small picnic areas -- like I said, very small but kind of neat.

Here are the neat rock formations. I think you all will understand how the park got its name.

After that little visit, we headed back to our cabin. We had supper and played some more games -- with which Marc beat me again.

The next morning, as we were preparing to leave, the sun came out (of course). It really is indeed a pretty view from the porch of the cabin -- especially when the sun is shining.

After we got packed up, we actually headed just a bit out of our way (15 miles or so) to visit a Dairy Queen I used to work with -- sorry, but the owners of this location are very nice people and they run a GREAT Dairy Queen. I guess I just can't fully get away from the business :)

We had lunch there (Luke LOVES his ice cream cones). Then, we drove home.

Overall, it was a nice, quick, and close-by vacation. We both agree we would go again, but we'd like to maybe go when it's hot so we could get in the lake.

It would be REALLY fun to have another family to go with us. However, the cabins would be much too small for two families. You'd have to get one cabin per family.

Also, now that they're building more cabins -- it would make a GREAT Community Life Group trip -- for all of you Grace Community Church Young Family readers.

If you're interested, you can talk with Marc or me about the details of making reservations and paying the park for cabin use.

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